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Help / FAQ

In what form are Storyland scripts and scores made available?
The complete script and musical scores for Storyland theatrical productions are available in PDF
(Adobe portable document) format. This format is interpreted by the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. If this program is not yet installed on your system, click below and follow the instructions at the Adobe site that are appropriate for your system. You will need it to be able to peruse or print all the documents posted at this site.

> Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader

How much do these shows cost to produce?
Basically shows are $75 for the production package and you can choose your own royalty rate for your performances, from $10 to $50 or whatever you think is fair and you are able to pay, and there are no shipping or rental fees. We are trying this system out to help beginning theatre companies or organizations on a tight budget to be able to access script packages that will make a show possible. You can videotape for free if you send us a copy of your finished video and allow us to possibly use excerpts on our site. If you want to test out the ordering system without actually ordering anything, you can go to this page: , fill out a contract, then go to the next step on the next page that will load up and there you will see prices for whatever number of shows you would like to do, and check all the options there to test them as you like before buying.

Do I have to return anything after my production is over?
No rental charges are required in order to perform an Storyland show, and nothing must be returned. You may keep your Production files and use them again for further performances by simply filling out another Production Contract and paying appropriate royalties.

Will I be able to print the scripts and scores from my computer?
Yes, as long as you have Acrobat Reader installed.

Can I use the MIDI or MP3 files in show performances as “backing tracks?”
MIDI and MP3 files are provided with the production package that match the scores exactly but they are intended as a rehearsal aid which can be emailed to cast members for home practice, not to replace live musicians, so they include melody lines. This doesn't mean it would be impossible to use them in a performance but it’s suggested if you intend to do that you should have someone who knows how to adjust the files to suit your needs as far as tempo and volume of the various tracks are concerned, which could be accomplished using a program like Apple’s GarageBand. You can listen to the MIDI versions of the files by clicking on the white arrows under each song on the Peter Pan and Wendy description page.

When I try to view a perusal script online, I get only a blank screen. What’s wrong?

Nothing, it’s just that the script PDF files may take thirty seconds to a minute or so to load depending on the speed of your internet connection. After clicking on a download link, wait at least 60 seconds to see if the document appears. If still nothing happens, or the connection fizzles out, saving a copy of the PDF to your drive instead of waiting for it to load online is the solution. See below.

To save a perusal script PDF to your drive: Click with your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON on the download link then select SAVE LINK AS. Save the PDF file to your DESKTOP, then click on it to load it. Type the password noted on the web page near the download link into the requester that pops up and you will be good to go.

How come the music font doesn’t look right when I load up the score?
On some systems, particularly school computers which do not allow changes to system folders, you may need to install a music font manually in order to be able to view and print .pdf files of musical scores correctly. If your system does not accurately display posted score or vocal part files, download this true-type font and install it in your fonts directory for better results. (Windows users, that's probably c: /windows/fonts). If your computer at work will not allow a new font to be installed, try forwarding the score file to another computer and printing it from there.

> Download aloisnew.ttf (music font)

I have a Mac. Will I be able to view and print the script and score files?
Scripts will load and print without any problems. Fonts are embedded in all scores. Some older Apple systems are not able, however, to display the aloisnew.ttf music font without errors. We suggest if the score does no display correctly that you print scores for your cast from a Windows-based computer.

How do I play MIDI files?
MIDI music files as posted will play with many media players, standard on most computers with an installed sound board, such as Windows Media Player. If you are using a Windows computer and need a player, we recommend the program VanBasco's Karaoke Player, a very nice free program which allows you to change tempo and key of MIDI files while they are being played.

Download VanBasco's Karaoke Player

Why does the shopping cart PayPal payment address for the license say “” Is this an error?
No, the
Serial Squadron is another small business owned by the same person who owns Storyland which was set up earlier than this one. PayPal allows only one business account per person & payments for products at both sites go to the same place. We’re working on changing the settings but this system works, so if you understand there’s no error it doesn’t need fixing.

What’s e-Junkie? Some kind of spam? Or scam?
Nope, it’s a legitimate e-commerce service which allows instant delivery of your download upon payment. Nothing bad, very helpful in fact if you needed that script package yesterday.

Do you accept purchase orders for royalty payments?
No. They confuse us; this site is set up for instant online ordering and we don’t send out scores ourselves, they are printed by the print-on-demand service Checks are OK for royalty payments but please call 215 968 2514 first to confirm one is coming if you would like to send one.

Where should I send our finished show DVD?
Eric Stedman, 20012 Beacon Hill Drive, Southampton PA 18966
And thank you for doing so. Every time we are able to see a show that helps us make it that much better.