STEP 1 of 2: Email Us Your Production Contract

Thank you for choosing to produce a show from Storyland! Fill out the form below to get an instant
Contract to produce any show.

By sending this email, which is your contract with Storyland/Eric Stedman, and your payment, you understand that you are given full permission and rights, until the final day of performance of the play, to 1) Photocopy, as necessary for production purposes, scripts and music from the play as needed, and distribute them to cast and crew members, 2) Make cuts (not rewrites) in the script/score as production needs demand, 3) Distribute the MIDI or MP3 files of songs to cast members, by email or other file sharing methods, or burned on CD, to assist them in learning their parts.

You also agree that you may not 1) Print, publish, sell, publicly, privately, or at auction, distribute by e-mail, or post the script, score, or MIDI files online in any form, 2) Remove copyright notices on cast photocopies, 3) Give a copy of the script and score PDF to a cast or production staff member, or to another individual or organization (production company, director, teacher or school) for production purposes, or 4) Schedule additional performances without notice and payment of royalty. In other words, you agree to keep the script and score files to yourself alone, and copy and distribute scripts on paper, not the PDF files.

Also by sending this form and your payment you agree that you understand that the play to be performed shall remain the intellectual property of its author and material from the play may not be adapted or used in any other form without permission from the author of the play, although songs from the play you have licensed may be performed live in other venues for promotional purposes. You agree that scores and scripts will be collected after the production and either destroyed or kept in your files until such time as you might wish to mount another production of the same play. You understand that scripts may be reused if royalties are paid in advance for each additional performance scheduled.

This contract is valid until the final day of production indicated above.

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