Running Time
90 Minutes

Gothel's Garden
Rapunzel's Tower Room
The Forest
Land of Eternal Winter

4 Men, 4 Women, 4+ of either sex

Rapunzel, fifteen years old
Gothel, an old sorceress
Prince Gunther, who wishes to marry
Rolf, his loyal page
Pandora, a white cat
Wheeze, a rude garden goblin
Snort, a dumb friendly goblin
Gurgle, a big brutish goblin
Whine, a cowardly goblin
Lone Wolf who lives in the forest/
Devil Dan the pirate cat
Red Tiger, a female pirate cat
Goblin King,
armored lord of the enchanted forest
Otto, a Tinker
Matilda, his wife
Wailing Woods, singing trees in the Forest of No Return

"An ambitious two-act redo of the fairy tale, with many epic twists, some contemporary touches to help it along [and] many pretty songs . . . The children in the audience followed the story wherever it went and seemed held in thrall by it all. The Brothers Grimm, after all, do push some of our major buttons, and it is fitting that such messages are delivered in a pleasant gloss."

-- Joanne Joseph, NYC Fringe Festival

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Rapunzel, a Musical Fantasy
By Eric Stedman
A musical in two acts

The Story

Rapunzel, kidnapped as a child by the wicked witch Gothel, is freed from her tower prison by handsome Prince Gunther who promises to show her the world. Their plans change when Gothel hears the Prince below the tower, cuts off Rapunzel's hair and allows the Prince to fall from the tower after he climbs it, then banishes Rapunzel to the Land of Eternal Winter. The blinded Gunther, his page Rolf, and Rapunzel's friend Pandora the white cat, ever pursued by the witch's Goblins, must summon their last ounce of courage to brave the dangers of the Forest of No Return and convince the powerful Goblin King to help them find the Prince's lost love. This all sounds pretty heavy but this script always maintains a pleasant sense of humor amid the menace and wonderful songs keep the audience’s interest high.

Originally written as a touring show, sets are simple and include a tower interior and forest and the suggestion of snow in the forest for the Land of Eternal Winter.

RAPUNZEL played recently to packed houses for 20 weeks running in Brisbane, Australia and has been produced by many schools and professional theatres, all to rave reviews -- this show is an easy-to-produce audience pleaser!

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Scenes and Songs

Click on highlighted song title links to hear the music!

: Gothel's Garden

Act One

SCENE 1: A Room in Gothel's Tower
Forever -- Rapunzel and Pandora

Watchin' Your Hair Grow -- Goblins

Morning Star -- Rapunzel

Very First Kiss -- Prince and Rapunzel

SCENE 2: Outside the Tower
The Ballad of Devil Dan -- Pandora

SCENE 3: Inside the Tower at Midnight
Do Unto Others -- Gothel


Act Two

SCENE 1: Outside the Tower

SCENE 2: The Lone Wolf's Cave
The Forest of No Return -- Wolf

SCENE 3: Deep in the Forest

The Knight and the Dragon -- Rolf, Pandora and Prince

SCENE 4: The Land of Eternal Winter

Hello -- Rapunzel

SCENE 5: The Forest of No Return
Song of the Wailing Woods

SCENE 6: The Land of Eternal Winter
Under the Snow --Rapunzel

Forever (Reprise)